永不止步 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [yǒngzhǐ]
永不止步 英文
walk hard: the dewey cox story
  • : Ⅰ副詞(永遠; 久遠) perpetually; forever; always Ⅱ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : 名詞[書面語] (剁物所用的木墩) a block of wood
  • : Ⅰ動詞1. (停止; 攔阻) stop; cut out 2. (截止) close; end Ⅱ副詞(僅; 只) only; just Ⅲ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (步度; 腳步) pace; step 2 (階段) stage; step 3 (地步; 境地) condition; situation; st...
  • 止步 : halt; stop; go no further
  1. Crying like an inconsolable child the day that marco unico announced his retirement, due to the onlyopponent who was able to stop him : his chrystal ankles.

    那是一個淚水紛飛的日子,那一天獨一無二的馬爾科宣布掛靴,向傷心已的球迷們揮手告別,身後留下的是遠的遺憾。唯一能夠阻他前進腳的對手,是他那脆弱的腳踝… …
  2. There dwelt, there trode the feet of one with whom she deemed herself connected in a union, that, unrecognised on earth, would bring them together before the bar of final judgment, and make that their marriage - altar, for a joint futurity of endless retribution

  3. “ we want them not to stop, but to go on to the next phase, ” said vartan gregorian, the president of the carnegie corporation

    卡內基公司的總裁瓦譚?格里格瑞恩說: 「我們希望他們要停(學習進修) ,繼續完成下一。 」
  4. Words can obliterating rewrite wrong, wrong can tear up the paint - painting, only road of life is not wrong path, and so we must carefully treated in every step of life, but it is not so our life journey indecisive stop where we are and also is not to say that wrong step will also be losers beyond redemption, life, more importantly, the will and tenacity and the courage to admit their mistakes attitude found wrong on restructuring life orientation and the way forward, successful road 10 million, clause roads lead to rome, as long as we persevere, and we will never give up, will eventually open a new path, converge, won the final success and happiness

  5. Boleda s spirit : be vigilant in peace time, never cease

  6. Jingyijia was established in 1998, who is professional in manufaturing plastic mould, die - casting products. the workshop is more than 2000 cm2. the moulds was started to be exported to south asia and europe in 2001 using cnc milling machine, electrospark, wire - electrode cutting, etc. technique is unending while no the best in moulds. only by untiring working, reserching and improving, can we design good moulds. we welcome every old and new friend both at home and abroad to visit us and building business relationship

    廈門精藝佳公司成立於98年,百分百開發生產塑膠產品,壓鑄產品,製造各類塑膠壓鑄模具.模具廠使用面積兩千多平方米,多臺大型cnc銑床及電火花,線切割能加工製造, 3 . 5米以下各類模具. 2001年開始模具出口東南亞及歐洲.技術境,模具遠沒有第一,只有懈努力,研發,改進才能設計好模具.我們真誠期望國內外朋友,同行蒞廈交流指導,為繁榮經濟推動民族工業科學進和偉大復興作應有貢獻
  7. Even where substantial protection is provided, injury will occur but may be mitigated such that the wearer may still suffer broken bones and other collateral damage but the integrity of the limb might be maintained and thus could prevent permanent disabilities, possibly sparing the wearer the agony and trauma of amputation and the associated costs of rehabilitation and after - care. however, anti - personnel landmines are deadly weapons and we cannot and do not claim that the results of exposure to anti - personnel landmines will always be mitigated in a significant way by use of our boot. also, there is no way of knowing what type of anti - personnel landmine an infantryman might be exposed to

  8. In this complex atmosphere of change and some possibility, the united states will continue its role of encouraging cross - strait dialogue, but we do not seek a role as mediator