線狀構造 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xiànzhuànggòuzào]
線狀構造 英文
  • : 名詞1 (用絲、棉、金屬等製成的細長的東西) thread; string; wire 2 [數學] (一個點任意移動所構成的...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (形狀) form; shape 2 (情況) state; condition; situation; circumstances 3 (陳述事件或...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (構造; 組合) construct; form; compose 2 (結成) fabricate; make up 3 (建造; 架屋) bui...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (做; 製作) make; build; create; produce 2 (假編) cook up; fabricate; concoct 3 [書面語...
  • 構造 : structure; construction; constructional detail; tectonic; structural; makeup; anatomy; constituti...
  1. The long dimension of the barrel vaults that form the building is parallel to the allees and contours, continuing the layered structure of the outdoor space

  2. Volcanic rocks are characterized by wide distribution, complex lithology and lithofacies, and various eruptive forms. they are t ypically layer - or lens - like in shape and strike parallel to the principal structural lineaments in the region

  3. However geological information is fully recorded in the remote sensing image, which made it possible for the choosing of this area as a dissection point to extract complex structural information of orogenic belt in west china. taking fully advantage of multi - band image richly bearing concealed geological information in combination with remote sensing analysis and structure analysis, to anatomy the supracrustal composition and structure of orogenic belt with the regional linear structures and their partitioned block and schistous geological masses as the macro - frame ( in corresponding to structure units and structure segments ) and with the rock masses, structure - rock assemblages, line - featured and belt - featured structures as well as penetrative and non - penetrative foliation ( primary stratum and trans position layering ) and folds as the texture and structure elements. the methods of how to distinguish granulite > ductile - shear zone, imposed fold, different deformed belts -

    因而,本文選擇這一地區作為我國西部地區從遙感圖像上提取山帶復雜結信息的解剖區,充分利用遙感圖像多波段反映物質屬性的特點和圖像處理提取隱含信息的優勢,採用遙感解析?解析相結合的研究方法,以區域線狀構造及由它劃分的塊、片地質體為宏觀骨架(對應于解析劃分的單元、均勻區段) ,以地質體中的巖石巖體、巖石組合,、帶,透入性、非透入性面(原始層理、新生面理)和褶皺等作為用於解析的結要素,進行山帶表殼組成和結解析研究。
  4. In this paper, we construct a class of indecomposable solvable lie algebras of dimension 5 with the simplest filiform nilradicals over complex field

  5. However, in the area with strong magma mingling, there are widespread abnormal fabrics, distinguished differences in the idiomophic - textures and the peritectic reaction, poililitic texture, metasomatism among the minerals, metasomatic border, embayment, rimmed structure, abnormal plagioclase zoning, relict fabric as well as the acicular apatite are very common

  6. All planar structures are represented by a strike line and dip angle.

  7. According to the abundance well logging, mud logging and core analysis data, gaotaizi reservoir has been classified into four sand group with the principle of cycle comparison and classified control. based on the detailed study of lithologic character, sedimentary structure, paleontologic fossils, depositional sequence, rock association and logging data, the microfacies of the studied area are divided into such seven types : subaqueous distributary channel microfacies ; river mouth bar microfacies ; subaqueous interdistributary channel microfacies ; subaqueous crevasse channel microfacies ; subaqueous natural barrier microfacies ; distal bar microfacies ; delta front sheet sand microfacies. the characteristic of each sedimentary microfacies are described detailedly

    通過研究大量測井、錄井資料和巖芯資料,依據「旋迴對比,分級控制」的原則,把研究區高臺子油層劃分為g 、 g 、 g 、 g四個砂層組。通過對研究區巖性、沉積、古生物、沉積序列、巖石組合及測井曲特徵進行研究的基礎上,認為研究區高臺子油層屬於三角洲前緣亞相沉積,並將研究區沉積微相劃分為:水下分流河道、河口壩、水下分流河道間、水下決口扇、水下天然堤、遠砂壩、席砂等七種微相類型。
  8. This article is divided into four parts : part one emphasizes the common theory that corporate governance structure figures out the agent problems caused by the separation of ownership and control power, and sets forth correlative research done by domestic and foreign scholars from the relationship between centralization degree of ownership and performance, the relationship between incentive of senior managers and performance, and the relationship between board and performance. and puts forward some deficiencies in domestic research, for example, the select of performance is bald ; most research methods are cross section analysis, there is little research basing on both time serial and cross section datum ; and there is little research have the inside and outside corporate governance factors in the selection of corporate governance structure indexes

    描述性分析介紹了我國上市公司治理結的現;通過公司治理變量的性組合,採用主元分析法來反映公司治理水平的指標z ,並由此z指標回歸經營績效指標得出公司經營績效與公司治理的整體效果有相同方向變化的結論;變量之間的相關關系揭示了這些變量之間關系的合理信息;面板數據結果顯示:第一大股東持股比例、國有控股虛擬變量與經營績效負相關;第二至第十大股東股權集中度、董事會持股比例和總經理持股比例與經營績效正相關。
  9. According to whether there are later tectonic activities or not it can be divided into mountain planation surface, lower planation surface and buried planation surface. according to active condition, it can be divided into active surface, dormant surface, exotic surface and defunct surface. taking the base level into consideration, it can be divided into sea - eroded and deposited planation surface, denudated planation surface, snowline planation surface and upper eroded planation surface

  10. The investigation and study showed that caused by the influencing factors of unit of tectonics, structures of floor rock stratum, conditions of landform, seismic intensities, fault, thickness of malan loess, the distribution of seismic loess landslides is very asymmetrical, which mainly show shapes of patch, belt, line, and there are different development characteristics in different regions

  11. The diagonal feature may be caused by twin jets of gas blasting away from the hidden star

  12. The contacting measurement method with a double probe is put forward after the detailed analysis of the state - of - the - art measuring methods of the thickness of wall. firstly, the theory - profile generatrix is built, and then the movement curve of the track of joint center is constructed, which aims at making the joint center move along the movement curve and keep the fixed sensor touching the wall. the measuring sensor examines the line in its normal direction of the interior wall all the time, the data from the sensor is the thickness value of the wall

  13. In this paper, the author goes deep into the character and composition rule of point, line and area symbols, and the definition of map symbol base is brought forward

  14. According to the special surface structure and actualities that the city is extending along the transportation line and river region because of the restriction caused by the mountains in the two sides of every cities in qingyang. the author thinks it is not good to squeeze out the existence of cave dwellings during the course of urban construction, and it is necessary to emphasize the symbiosis between urban and cave dwellings. the author conceives that it is feasible to develop group - dwellings in the steep - sides of mountain and especially to adapt to constructing " climb - slope cave dwellings which are covered with earth "

  15. A construction of state observer for a class of nonlinear systems

  16. The main job of this research is : ( 1 ) analyze the operation situation of power system during faults ; pay attention to the traveling wave on the three - phase transmission line ; study the equation of voltage on three - phase transmission line with impedance capacitance coupling between phases ; contact the voltage on any point with the fault voltage, study the singularity of the voltage signal in fault point, and make it to be the base of the new fault detection method ; ( 2 ) apply the singularity detection theory based on wavelet analysis to the power system faults detection, give a complementary criterion to current fault detection criterion, study how to select the basic wavelet, how to filter noise, how to detect the singular point or fault point, and finally give a total solution. the simulations prove it to be a quick, correct and effective fault detection method

    本文的主要工作有: ( 1 )分析電力系統在發生故障時的運行態,尤其對三相傳輸上的故障行波進行了分析和研究,推導了考慮相間耦合的三相傳輸電壓方程,並將傳輸上任一點的電壓與故障點電壓建立起聯系,得出了傳輸上電壓信號在故障點處的奇異性,並以此作為新的故障檢測演算法的理論基礎; ( 2 )將基於小波變換的信號奇異性檢測理論運用於電力系統故障檢測中,針對目前相關研究的不足,提出了電力系統故障檢測判據的補充判據,通過對基本小波的選擇、除噪措施、信號奇異點也即故障點的檢測方法所作的分析,給出了一個可行的解決方案;模擬研究表明:這是一個快速、準確、有效的故障檢測演算法。
  17. As further extension of the uniform b - spline basis functions, the author extends the uniform b - spline basis functions of degree 3 and degree 4, and generates the blending functions of degree 5 ( 3 - b ) n degree 5 ( 4 - b ) and degree 6 ( 4 - b )

    作為均勻b樣條曲的進一步擴展,作者對三次和四次b樣條基函數進行擴展,了三b五次、四b五次、四b六次調配函數,從而產生了連續性分別達到c ~ 3和c ~ 4連續的多項式曲,它們的形都可以用參數進行調整。
  18. It can be used to create the model data file for the seismic forward modeling semi - automatically. thus, the two primary difficult problems of low efficiency and accuracy have been solved very well. 2. graphic and digital image processing technique are introduced into geological modeling, and some kinds of arithmetic are presented, based on which fast model input for ray tracing and wave equation forward modeling have been both achieved

  19. As a result, the curves of c3 and c4 continuity can be generated, and the shape of the curves can be adjusted by the parameters x. the quadratic non - uniform b - spline curves are further extended and the continuity of curves is improved in this paper ; with a local shape parameter in each piecewise curve, the shape of the curves can be controlled effectively ; moreover, cusps of curves can be generated conveniently on the curves while using multiple knots

    對二次非均勻b樣條作了進一步擴展,提高了曲的連續性;曲的每一段上都有一個局部控制參數,利用它們可以更有效的控制曲的形;同時,利用曲的重節點可以很方便的在曲尖點。作為b樣條擴展曲的應用,作者將上面的各次調配函數應用到三次- b樣條插值曲上,得到下述結果。
  20. The author acquires three main results, i. e. an approach of constructing polynomial curves with some shape parameters, c2 - continuous spline curves of degree 4 with some shape parameter, and planar piecewise bezier curve of 3 4th and 6th degree with given control polygon and the curve segments are joined together with c1 c2 and c3 - continuity

    作者在後三章得到了本文的三個主要結果: ( 1 )了一種帶形參數的多項式曲; ( 2 )了一類c ~ -連續帶形參數的四次樣條逼近曲; ( 3 )了與給定多邊形相切的可調控保形分段c ~ 1三次、 c ~ 3六次b zier樣條曲