老年期的 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [lǎoniánde]
老年期的 英文
  • : i 形容詞1 (年歲大) aged; 活到老 學到老。 you will never cease to learn as long as you live ; li...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (時間單位) year 2 (元旦或春節) new year 3 (歲數; 年紀) age 4 (一生中按年齡劃分的階...
  • : 期名詞[書面語]1. (一周年) a full year; anniversary 2. (一整月) a full month
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  • 老年期 : gerontic; senescence; old age; [地質學] topographic old age
  • 老年 : old age老年保健 geracomia; 老年人口型 elderly population category; 老年心理學 psychology of aging...
  1. From the view of the affection on praxiological changes of filial generation mice by terroring pregnant mother mice to consider the etiopathogenesis of senile dementia

  2. For the angles of demology, gerontics, sociology, mass media, news business and etc., it has researched the impacts of changes of population, politics, economy, culture and other social factors to the journal, and it has demonstrated the existing problems, challenges of the journal thus estimated its development tendency in the future

  3. Due to the specific limitations as an institutional journal, the china senior citizens " journal has been developed with a comparatively slow pace

  4. The opinions of experts on this subject are as follows : people in middle age are in a more stable stage of life, while people in old age have entered the deterioration stage. since people in old age engage in less activity and suffer from physical depletion, they should reduce their intake of food accordingly. otherwise, it is very easy for them to become overweight, which is a great enemy to the health of the elderly

  5. Estrogen plays an important role in overall bodily function and prevention of aging. based on findings from cuhk s research work, eu yan sang developed a new formula bfp, menoease. the new product s ability to restore estrogen production in the body, as well as its effect in a range of body functions suggests that it may restore nature s balance in the body, maintaining health and youth after menopause

  6. By taking with the first - hand materials, this article has thoroughly analyzed the origin, the development path and current status of the journal

  7. Clinical feature of depression in senior people with cognitive dysfunction

  8. A control study of reboxetine and amitriptyline in treatment of senile depression

  9. Exercise is also strongly associated with a reduced risk of dementia late in life

  10. Application of hds - r in screening senile dementia in coastal rural areas of guangdong province

  11. Eyelid yellow tumour is sent more at in old people, the woman with entering the turn of life is most common

  12. Researchers from many institutions tracked nearly 49, 000 older women who have already been through menopause

  13. It is urgently required that the journal should follow up with the developing pace of the society, and to further realize its positioning of service to the elderly group, to shoulder the social responsibilities of taking proper orientation of public opinion for the elderly, to meet ranges of information demands, to advocate advanced lift style, to demonstrate warmly humanistic care and to provide orientated service. the journal should undertake positive reforms in the aspect of meeting the reading needs of the elderly readers at different levels, establishment of the journal with an open mind and making it to a characteristic one, establishment of its brand, exploration of manag ement system to activate initiatives, development of operational channels like advertisement and etc., upgrading its scope and level

  14. To enhance the knowledge and understanding on elders mental health for both elders and carers by analyzing the physical and psychosocial changes that accompany aging, such as changes in physical appearance and functioning, cognitive abilities, mental problems e. g. depression and dementia and life events e. g. retirement, grief and losses, care - giving stress

  15. Peak ages from 15 - 18 to 25years : age distribution is bimodal, with second peak in the elderly ( ages 65 - 75 ) ; this group has a higher mortality rate

    齡高峰為兩段,輕人15 - 18歲到25歲;和人65歲到75歲。腦外傷死亡率高。
  16. Antioxidants nutrients which can help to prolong life there are also nutritional factors in it that can retard aging process and improve complexion, alleviate menopausal symptoms that support healthy kidneys and improve quality of blood

  17. The risk of undernutrition is also greater at certain times in a person ' s life, ie, infancy, early childhood, adolescence, pregnancy and lactation, and old age

  18. People tend to sleep lightly and for shorter time spans as they get older, although they need about the same amount of sleep as they in early adulthood

  19. Offer one, two, tertiary care to different needs in moving in the elderly, have old man and baby ask, day care, week ask, moon ask, person who ask service every year offer, that need to society, really serve and is based on target, it is the elderly ' s warm home, the ( virgin happy world ) of abandoned baby

  20. Secondly, there was no negative age - related development in the function of wisdom, that is, on solving the real life problems, old adults performed as well as the young and middle - aged did. the reason is that multivariate analysis of variance ( manova ) showed that the main effect of age was not significant